Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rustic Rhinestone

I just finished a new fun, funky, asymmetrical, long necklace using some of the closure techniques that I've learned, in Deryn Mentock's Art of Closure on-line class, including jump rings (which I soldered closed), a beaded toggle clasp and rhinestone chain crimp ends.  I added some sari ribbon which I've attached with rustic wraps made by first hammering the wire flat, drawing a bead on both ends with the torch and annealing the wire to get it soft.  I then did a funky wrap and twisted the balled ends together.  I have used bronze wire for the wire wrapping and the closures and have also strung some of the beads on beading wire and attached with crimps, some with sterling crimp covers which I patined to darken them up. 

This was a lot of fun to make and it reminds me of a fun, circus type lively necklace in purples, pinks and greens with the fun rhinestones, funky beads along with the semi precious beads enhanced with the green/purple sari ribbon.

Hand made bronze beaded toggle clasp

Fun dangles hang from the centerpiece which features a funky, purple crystal bead

Rhinestone chain and sari ribbon attached to a green crystal bead with hand made bronze wire crimps and wraps


  1. Beautiful necklace, Beth. Love the colors.

  2. Reminds me of a spring time garden.

  3. Thanks Amalia, much appreciated.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
    Beth you works are amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing and INSPIRING!!!

  5. Dr. D, you are just so kind and thoughtful and the best!! I always come away from your place with a big smile because you have the most positive energy of anybody. Thank you for all you do and for healing my shoulder like no one else in the world could do.

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