Sunday, April 29, 2012

Handcrafted Bronze Bracelet

Handcrafted Bronze Bracelet by jpbeth

Handcrafted Bronze Bracelet, a photo by jpbeth on Flickr.
This was a fun project incorporating a bunch of metal smithing techniques. I started with a piece of bronze sheet which I metal etched. I drilled a hole in both the flower and the bronze sheet and attached them with a little screw and nut. Drilled four more holes in the bronze, two on each side. I annealed the metal to get soften it, formed in around a mandrel and then work hardened it. I made my own jump rings and soldered them closed and attached everything with wire wrapped green turquoise beads. I patined the whole thing with several different methods. The hand made bronze closure can fit into any of the four jump rings to fit any size wrist.


  1. Lovely work...the bronze is perfect with the green beads. So many techniques in there, too. I am finding the bronze wire so difficult to work with...even the jump rings seem to become hard very quickly. Are all your ring components bronze, too.

  2. Hi Jenni, Thanks for the compliments. All the components are bronze too including the wire wrapping, the jump rings and the clasp. I didn't anneal the jump rings but I did anneal the clasp after balling each end. Annealing the wire made it a lot easier to work with. and I used MAPP for both balling the ends and annealing.