Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Healthy and Wholesome

A healthy home-cooked meal, with recipes mainly from the Power Foods Cookbook, made for a delightful, delicious Tuesday evening with my friend Stephanie.  Steph is my dear friend and the one who turned me on to this cookbook which I think is the best around.  It features interesting and inspired recipes using wholesome, healthy ingredients.  We have both made and shared lots of recipes from this cookbook.  Here's a taste of tonight's meal.

Easy side dish of roasted cherry tomatoes.  A bit of olive oil, basil, S&P over the tomatoes and bake at 400 for 20 minutes.  Served this as an appetizer with goat cheese, hummus and whole grain pita crackers.

Fresh sliced fennel for the chicken breast recipe.

Chicken breasts with fennel, carrots, chopped dried apricots and sliced Greek olives served over Trader Joe's tricolor quinoa preceded by a salad of fresh shredded asparagus and radishes mixed with rocket, a bit of olive oil, vinegar and S&P.  

  My very talented and darling friend Stephanie

Finicky Tucker likes Stephanie. is good.

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  1. The picture tells a story of some delicious home made food. Home made food especially from my mom's hand is so good that I can't resist to eat more than I usually eat.