Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to make a grab button took me a while to figure out.  Wasn't hard to make the button with good ol' Photoshop but it took some time to figure out all that HTML which has to be exact.

After much searching on the Internet, I came across a terrific, straight forward tutorial on how to make a grab button.  Click HERE to not have to go through all the hassle and time that I did.  I had a lot of problems and finally realized that for some technical reason, you have to replace the quote marks in the HTML with all new quote marks...go figure!

Once my grab button showed up on my blog,  I tested it to assure it linked to my URL.  I did this by: 1. copying the HTML from the grab button on my blog, 2. opening up another window with the blog layout, 3. selecting add a gadget and selecting the choice of HTML/JavaScript from the Basics category. 4. pasting the code.   To not mix things up, I put this gadget at the bottom of the page instead of on the side with the actual grab button.   Then view your updated blog and click on the new button at the bottom of the page.  If you get an error message and it does not properly take you to your URL, you have an error in your HTML which you'll have to troubleshoot.  For me, I needed to add www into my URL.   I retested it to assure it worked and then deleted the temporary gadget.  Eureka, it finally worked and I feel so accomplished!!

My grab button with it's code is over on the right hand column with all of of my other buttons.  Now you can copy the code to your blog.  Thanks.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Gracie

It's Day 29 in the Beyond Layers class and Kim taught us some new and fun Photoshop tips and tricks on how to make a triptych and an animated gif.  

Last Saturday Joe and I flew up to Boni and George's ranch in Bakersfield for the wedding ceremony and reception for George's daughter Kimi to Grant Carver.  I was so charmed with Kimi and Grant's daughter Gracie and was able to get off a bunch of shots of her and her BFF.  With today's assignment to do a triptych and animated gif, thought it would be fun to use some of the images of Gracie and her BFF from the wedding. 

Click on the image to see the animation

Kimi and Grant

Our friend's George and Boni
Joe and moi

Monday, April 23, 2012


The MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art) artisan fair and fundraiser held this past Sunday April 22, 2012 at the Long Beach residence of Susan Taylor was a big success.  In addition to each artist contributing a percentage of their sales to MOLAA, quite a bit was generated from the the sale of raffle tickets for original paintings and giclees.  The funds, which had previously been provided but subsequently cut from the public school budgets, will be used to expose students to museum exhibits and workshops.  For every $25 donated, three students will get to be exposed to MOLAA.  Good work and thank you my friend Linda Varela Oldenburg for all your hard work as the chairperson of the MOLAA docent guild and the organizer for this event.  

Beth Marx wearing her original earrings, necklace and nuno felted shawl.

Beth peeking out from behind her table filled with nuno felted goods, hand made jewelry and art cards featuring her original photography.

Linda Varela Oldenburg - Chairperson of the MOLAA docent guild

Setting up the event in the backyard

Thank you my friend Denise for making a purchase from me.

It was a joy to listen to the Rodriguez family performing Bolivian folk music.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Flowers by Thomas Hood
I will not have the mad Clytie,
Whose head is turned by the sun;
The tulip is a courtly queen,
Whom, therefore, I will shun;
The cowslip is a country wench,
The violet is a nun; -
But I will woo the dainty rose,
The queen of everyone. 

The pea is but a wanton witch,
In too much haste to wed,
And clasps her rings on every hand
The wolfsbane I should dread; -
Nor will I dreary rosemary
That always mourns the dead; -
But I will woo the dainty rose,
With her cheeks of tender red.

The lily is all in white, like a saint,
And so is no mate for me -
And the daisy's cheek is tipped with blush,
She is of such low degree;
Jasmine is sweet, and has many loves,
And the broom's betrothed to the bee; -
But I will plight with the dainty rose,
For fairest of all is she.

A collection of my flower photographs

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