Friday, March 9, 2012

Creating a dreamy, hazy image

Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers Day 16 challenge was to create a dreamy, hazy image using the new techniques she presented to us in her video.  Here's what I did with a image of an orchid that I recently shot at the Koele Lodge in Lanai, Hawaii.
  • Added lens flare to a blank layer, soft light, 50% gray
  • Added a Levels Adjustment layer and adjusted the output slider 
  • KK texture, "Flouish", Screen, 24%. Used layer mask to remove some of the texture from the orchid.
  • KK texture, "Veil", Soft Light, 38%. Used layer mask to remove some of the texture from the orchid.
  • Two text layers - Engravers MT for the main font and Century Gothic for the name.

My dreamy, hazy image of an orchid

Before Image

I am having so much fun with this whisper, dreamy, hazy effect that I had to use it to enhance this photo of this intriguing couple I took last year while on vacation in Croacia.  This couple was sitting near us at an outdoor cafe in Split and I was so captured by them that I surreptitiously got off a few shots (shame on me).  She had on a wedding ring but it certainly didn't seem that they were married to each other given the body language and all.  He's leaning in and very interested.  She's smoking and somewhat aloof although also interested.  Where's it going....?

Here are a few more images using the dreamy, hazy techniques


  1. OH WOW!!! Such a difference. Susan Short

  2. Gosh! You have created two fantastic dreamy images, lovely work!

  3. The photo takin in Croatia is stunning!