Friday, March 2, 2012

Hand made greeting cards - Lanai, Hawaii

Hand made greeting cards from my Lanai, Hawaii photos
I've made some blank note cards from four of the photos I took in Hawaii (see below).  I manipulated them in Photoshop, printed them out on photo quality paper and mounted them on beautiful deckled edge 4x6" card stock.  I signed them all.  An envelope is tucked inside.

If you're interested, you can purchase a set of these 4 unique cards for just $12 including shipping.  Just post a comment below or pop me an email at:

Hawaiian plantation homes in the early days may be                              generally described as having a low-profile wood  fame with vertical plank siding. Large porticos were also common. Perhaps the most distinct feature of these Hawaiian plantation homes was their roofs which tended to be wide-hipped with deep-bracketed eaves.
The name of the architectural style comes from the plantation laborers who came to Hawaii from China, Japan, the Philippines, Portugal and many other countries to work on sugarcane plantations, and to a lesser extent pineapple plantations, rice farms and other agricultural endeavors. The plantation style was often used in the homestead areas that housed plantation laborers. in size and reflecting a unique Island charm, Hawaiian plantation style architecture blends nicely with the Hawaiian environment. Hawaiian plantation architectural style is somewhat similar to what is known on the mainland as a bungalow style home.  
A rare an delicate beauty(pertaining to this orchid or you!)
My hand made greeting cards


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