Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Presto Chango - From Color to Black and White

On Day 18 of Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class we learned come B&W techniques including making initial adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) which is a Photoshop plug-in...who knew!!!  Once I converted the image to B&W in ACR and made a few exposure and contrast tweaks, I brought it into Photoshop and made some additional changes. Below is the final image, the initial image done in ACR and the original shot that I took at Mareeba Wetlands in Queensland, Australia.

Final Photoshop B&W image of a heron at Mareeba Wetlands - Queensland, Australia

Initial changes made in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)

My original image of a heron at Marbeeba Wetlands - Queenland, Australia

Here's a little before and after of some anthuriums in a vase transformed from color to B&W.  In addition to two B&W adjustment layers, I also added a gradient map, a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and Kim Klassen's textures Awaken and Happy Heart Textures at Soft Light/47% and Multiply/ 80% respectively.
Black and White - Anthurium in vase

Original shot - Anthurium in vase


  1. mmmmn, I still love color more than B&W - you have such great blues and greens with the white here, it's hard to turn it b&w, isn't it? I know I have a hard time ;)