Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Whisper at Uluru

Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers Day 15 challenge was to prompt us with the word "whisper".  Immediately Uluru came to mind, that sacred ground in the Australian outback.  I had the opportunity to visit Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) a few years ago and all I wanted to do while there was to listen to the spirits of the land and speak only in a quiet whisper.  I took this photo at a shallow pool between the rocks.  I enhanced the image with Kim's Textures: Simplicity using Overlay 57% and two layers of Revolution one at Subtract at 46% and the other at Overlay 100%. 

More photos from Uluru

Flying over the Olgas


  1. Being an Australian this is perfect! Love the image and words!

  2. Your photos are fabulous - I hope to visit Uluru later this year :) See you in class!

  3. Wonderful start for your new blog! The bird alongside the water with the quote is simply exquisite. Beautiful travel images too - love the colors.

  4. lovely image...I want to whisper so I don't scare the bird away...