Sunday, March 4, 2012

Las Vegas Weekend

Quick turn around overnight in Las Vegas with good friends Susie and Raul.  Each couple flew into Henderson Airport (Raul and Susie in their Comanche) and arrived within 10 minutes of each other.  Took the shuttle to the new M Resort where we hung out the whole time eating, drinking and losing money but had a blast doing it.  Actually I won $2.50 net, yep that $2 dollars and $.50 for this big gambler!

 Joe, aren't you a little old for that Affliction shirt?

 Long Beach from the air.  That green area with all the trees in the dog park where we just walked to/from.

 M Resort

 M Resort lobby

 Susie, Raul, Beth and Joe

M Resort from the air on departure


  1. Beth,
    I think your blog is terrific! Pictures are great. Your a a terrific photographer.

  2. Thank you Alan, much appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to write to me.