Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Awakening

Welcome Spring.  We thought you had arrived weeks ago but that arctic storm last weekend proved otherwise.  We've moved our clocks ahead and are ready to enjoy the long days.  You're peeking out and we're ready for you.  Today I was lucky enough to capture this image of a honeybee gathering nectar and pollen inside this pretty, yellow flower and I am grateful to have captured such a lovely spring image on this first day of the new season.  I enhanced the image with a few hue saturation and level adjustment layers using layer masks and two layers of Kim Klassen's Aurora texture.


  1. This is so beautiful - I don't know how you managed to capture the bee just at the right time!

  2. Thanks Phyllis, I was really lucky to capture the bee. I really appreciate your compliments, thanks for commenting.